General data:
Type: PCF - Fast Patrol Craft Max Speed: 30 kt
Crew: 8 Length: 22.35 m
Beam: 5.6 m Draft: 1.35 m
Displacement Full: 0 t Displacement: 51 t
Operator: Royal Navy Commissioned: 2022
Propulsion: 2x Diesels
Sensors / EW:
Generic Laser Designator - (Anti-Air & Surface) Laser Designator
Laser Target Designator & Ranger (LTD/R)
Max Range: 18.5 km
Generic IR Camera - (3rd Gen, Weapon Director & Target Tracking And Identification) Infrared
Infrared, Weapon Director & Target Tracking and Identification Camera
Max Range: 185.2 km
Generic TV Camera - (3rd Gen, Weapon Director) Visual
Visual, Weapon Director TV Camera
Max Range: 185.2 km
HYDRA APKWS II 70mm Rocket [WGU-59/B, Ground Launched] - (2022) Guided Weapon
Air Max: 5 km. Surface Max: 5 km. Land Max: 5 km.