General data:
Type: FFL - Corvette Max Speed: 30 kt
Crew: 39 Length: 67.0 m
Beam: 11.0 m Draft: 3.3 m
Displacement Full: 0 t Displacement: 800 t
Operator: Navy Commissioned: 2018
Propulsion: 3x M-507D-1 Diesels
Sensors / EW:
Band Stand [Mineral, Active Element] - (SSM FCR, OTH, 3M82?) Radar
Radar, FCR, Surface-to-Surface w/ OTH
Max Range: 64.8 km
Band Stand [Mineral, Passive Element] - (SSM FCR, OTH, 3M82?) ESM
ELINT w/ OTH Targeting
Max Range: 185.2 km
Bass Tilt [Radar] - (Group, 30mm GFCR, Pair of guns) Radar
Radar, FCR, Surface-to-Air, Short-Range
Max Range: 22.2 km
Bass Tilt [Laser Rangefinder] - (Group, 30mm GFCR, Pair of guns) Laser Rangefinder
Laser Rangefinder for Weapon Director
Max Range: 9.3 km
Bass Tilt [TV Camera] - (Group, 30mm GFCR, Pair of guns) Visual
Visual, Weapon Director TV Camera
Max Range: 74.1 km
100mm/59 A-190 Frag - (Anti-Aircraft) Gun
Air Max: 2.8 km. Surface Max: 14.8 km. Land Max: 14.8 km.
100mm/59 A-190 HE - Gun
Surface Max: 14.8 km. Land Max: 14.8 km.
AK-630M 30mm/65 Twin Gatling Burst [800 rnds] - Gun
Air Max: 1.9 km. Surface Max: 2.8 km.
12.7mm/50 MG Burst [10 rnds] - (Facility/Ship, No Anti-Air Capability) Gun
Surface Max: 1.9 km. Land Max: 1.9 km.
SS-N-26 Strobile [P-800 Onyx] - Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 444.5 km. Land Max: 444.5 km.
SS-N-30 [3M14 Kalibr] - Guided Weapon
Land Max: 1389 km.
SS-N-27 Sizzler [3M54T Kalibr] - Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 370.4 km.