General data:
Type: Mobile Vehicle(s) Crew: 1
Length: 0 m Width: 0 m
Operator: Army Commissioned: 1983
Sensors / EW:
Crotale TV Tracker - Visual
Visual, Target Tracking and Identification TV Camera
Max Range: 74.1 km
Crotale Radar Tracker - (Castor IIC?) Radar
Radar, FCR, Surface-to-Air, Short-Range
Max Range: 29.6 km
Mirador IV - (Crotale ACU (Acquisition and Co-ordination Unit)) Radar
Radar, Target Indicator, 2D Surface-to-Air
Max Range: 18.5 km
R.440 Crotale-2000 - (1974) Guided Weapon
Air Max: 9.3 km.