General data:
Type: Mobile Vehicle(s) Crew: 1
Length: 0 m Width: 0 m
Operator: Army Commissioned: 2023
Sensors / EW:
Generic Target Indicator, 3D Surface-to-Air - Radar
Radar, Target Indicator, 3D Surface-to-Air
Max Range: 37 km
Generic LLTV - (3rd Gen, Weapon Director & Target Search, Tracking and Identification) Visual
LLTV, Weapon Director & Target Search, Tracking and Identification
Max Range: 83.3 km
Generic IR Camera - (3rd Gen, Weapon Director & Target Tracking And Identification) Infrared
Infrared, Weapon Director & Target Tracking and Identification Camera
Max Range: 185.2 km
AIM-2000 IRIS-T - (2005) Guided Weapon
Air Max: 11.1 km.
12.7mm/50 MG Burst [10 rnds] - (Facility/Ship, No Anti-Air Capability) Gun
Surface Max: 1.9 km. Land Max: 1.9 km.