General data:
Type: Transport Crew: 2
Min Speed: 55 kt Max Speed: 180 kt
Wingspan: 4.4 m Height: 4.5 m
Length: 12.7 m Max Payload: 3020 kg
Empty Weight: 5370 kg Max Weight: 8390 kg
Operator: Air Force Commissioned: 2023
Propulsion: 2x T700-GE-401C
Sensors / EW:
LWR, Laser Warning Receiver
Max Range: 18.5 km
AN/AAR-47A(V)2 - (2007) Infrared
MAWS, Missile Approach Warning System
Max Range: 9.3 km
AN/ALQ-144A(V)1 - (2007) ECM
Max Range: 0 km
RWR, Radar Warning Receiver
Max Range: 222.2 km
BRITE Star II [IR] - (Group, Rangefinder) Infrared
Infrared, Target Search, Tracking and Identification Camera
Max Range: 111.1 km
BRITE Star II [Laser Rangefinder] - (Group, Rangefinder) Laser Rangefinder
Laser Rangefinder
Max Range: 18.5 km
BRITE Star II [Optronics] - (Group, Rangefinder) Visual
Visual, Target Search, Tracking and Identification TV Camera
Max Range: 55.6 km
Generic Laser Designator - (Surface Only) Laser Designator
Laser Target Designator & Ranger (LTD/R)
Max Range: 18.5 km
Weapons / Loadouts:
Cargo [Air Drop, 1 ton] - Cargo
Cargo [Air Drop, 1.5 tons] - Cargo
HYDRA 70mm Rocket - (Mk 66 Rocket, M229 Warhead, M423/7 Fuze) Rocket
Surface Max: 3.7 km. Land Max: 3.7 km.
HYDRA APKWS II 70mm Rocket [WGU-59/B, Rotary Wing Launch] - (2012) Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 5 km. Land Max: 5 km.
Marine Infantry - Troops