General data:
Type: Search And Rescue (SAR) Crew: 5
Min Speed: 140 kt Max Speed: 362 kt
Wingspan: 40.4 m Height: 11.58 m
Length: 29.57 m Max Payload: 15875 kg
Empty Weight: 40369 kg Max Weight: 74389 kg
Operator: Air Force Commissioned: 2013
Propulsion: 4x AE2100D3
Sensors / EW:
AN/APN-242 - Radar
Radar, Weather and Navigation
Max Range: 92.6 km
Generic FLIR - (DEPRECATED - 3rd Gen, Surveillance) Infrared
Infrared, Surveillance Camera
Max Range: 83.3 km
Generic LLTV - (3rd Gen, Surveillance) Visual
LLTV, Surveillance Camera
Max Range: 55.6 km
Generic RWR - (3rd Gen, Surveillance) ESM
RWR, Radar Warning Receiver
Max Range: 222.2 km
Generic DECM [Advanced] - (2010s) ECM
DECM, Defensive ECM
Max Range: 0 km
AN/AAQ-24(V) DIRCM - (Assoc w AN/AAR-54, LAIRCM) ECM
Max Range: 0 km
AN/AAR-54 - (Assoc w AN/AAR-54, LAIRCM) Infrared
MAWS, Missile Approach Warning System
Max Range: 9.3 km
Weapons / Loadouts:
Cargo [No Drop, 20 tons] - Cargo
Cargo [No Drop, 10 tons] - Cargo
Cargo [No Drop, 16 tons] - Cargo
Cargo [Air Drop, 10 tons] - Cargo