General data:
Type: Bomber Crew: 3
Min Speed: 300 kt Max Speed: 550 kt
Wingspan: 33 m Height: 10.4 m
Length: 34.8 m Max Payload: 13000 kg
Empty Weight: 38500 kg Max Weight: 79000 kg
Operator: Air Force Commissioned: 2011
Propulsion: 2x WS-18 [D-30KP-2 Copy]
Sensors / EW:
Generic DECM [Average] - (1980s) ECM
DECM, Defensive ECM
Max Range: 0 km
Generic Surface Search Radar - (200nm) Radar
Radar, Surface Search, Long-Range
Max Range: 370.4 km
Generic RWR - (200nm) ESM
RWR, Radar Warning Receiver
Max Range: 222.2 km
Generic FLIR - (DEPRECATED - 3rd Gen, Target Tracking And Identification) Infrared
Infrared, Target Tracking and Identification Camera
Max Range: 185.2 km
Generic TV Camera - (3rd Gen, Target Tracking And Identification) Visual
Visual, Target Tracking and Identification TV Camera
Max Range: 185.2 km
RKG963A MAWS - (H-6) Infrared
MAWS, Missile Approach Warning System
Max Range: 9.3 km
Weapons / Loadouts:
CJ-10A ALCM - (2011, KD-20, Air-Launched) Guided Weapon
Land Max: 2037.2 km.
China KG-800 ECM Pod - Sensor Pod
KD-63 [YJ-63] - (2006, EO-Guided LACM/ASM) Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 296.3 km. Land Max: 296.3 km.
YJ-12 - (2015, ASM, Large Kh-31-inspired) Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 398.2 km.
YJ-21 [800kg HE] - (Hypersonic VLS-Launched ASBM, CM-401 Mod.(?)) Guided Weapon
Surface Max: 1481.6 km.