General data:
Type: WHEC - Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter Max Speed: 29 kt
Crew: 170 Length: 112.0 m
Beam: 12.4 m Draft: 3.5 m
Displacement Full: 2180 t Displacement: 1700 t
Operator: Coast Guard Commissioned: 2016
Propulsion: 4x 18E390VA Diesels, CODAD
Sensors / EW:
China SJD-7 [DUBA 25] - (Jiangwei) Hull Sonar, Active/Passive
Hull Sonar, Active/Passive Search & Track
Max Range: 2.8 km
China Type 347G - (GFCR, 100mm, EFR-1, Rice Lamp) Radar
Radar, FCR, Weapon Director
Max Range: 37 km
Decca 1290 Master - (GFCR, 100mm, EFR-1, Rice Lamp) Radar
Radar, Surface Search & Navigation
Max Range: 37 km
China Type 360 - (Sea Tiger, SR-60, S-3, Seagull-S) Radar
Radar, Target Indicator, 2D Surface-to-Air & Surface-to-Surface
Max Range: 166.7 km
China SJD-4 - (Luda) Hull Sonar, Active-Only
Hull Sonar, Active-Only Mortar Fire Control
Max Range: 3.7 km
Generic IR Camera - (2nd Gen, Target Tracking And Identification, Surface) Infrared
Infrared, Target Tracking and Identification Camera
Max Range: 46.3 km
37mm/63 Twin Burst [20 rnds] - Gun
Air Max: 1.9 km. Surface Max: 2.8 km.