General data:
Type: Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Crew: 4
Min Speed: 55 kt Max Speed: 155 kt
Wingspan: 3.6 m Height: 5.3 m
Length: 15.9 m Max Payload: 4200 kg
Empty Weight: 6428 kg Max Weight: 11000 kg
Operator: Navy Commissioned: 2015
Propulsion: 2x RTM 322-01/9
Sensors / EW:
TWE [RWR] - (NH90, Tiger, Threat Warning Equipment) ESM
RWR, Radar Warning Receiver
Max Range: 222.2 km
AN/AAR-60 PMAWS - (MILDS F) Infrared
MAWS, Missile Approach Warning System
Max Range: 9.3 km
TWE [LWR] - (NH90, Tiger, Threat Warning Equipment) ESM
LWR, Laser Warning Receiver
Max Range: 11.1 km
ENR - (NH-90) Radar
Radar, Surface Search, Long-Range
Max Range: 370.4 km
HELRAS-2 - (LF-equivalent to AQS-18) Dipping Sonar, Active/Passive
Dipping Sonar, Active/Passive Search & Track
Max Range: 20.4 km
Generic MAD - (LF-equivalent to AQS-18) MAD
Max Range: 1.9 km
Euroflir [FLIR] - (Group) Infrared
Infrared, Surveillance FLIR
Max Range: 55.6 km
Euroflir [CCD] - (Group) Visual
LLTV, Surveillance Camera
Max Range: 55.6 km
Euroflir [Laser Designator] - (Group) Laser Designator
Laser Target Designator & Ranger (LTD/R)
Max Range: 27.8 km
Weapons / Loadouts:
Mk46 NEARTIP Mod 5 - (1984) Torpedo
Subsurface Max: 7.4 km.
AN/SSQ-53E DIFAR - (1999, A-Size, 99 Chn, 27/60/121/304m, 0.5/1/2/4/8hrs) Sonobuoy
AN/SSQ-62D DICASS - (A-Size, 86 Chn, 15/27/45/91/121/457m) Sonobuoy